Sunday, August 21, 2005


I went to a fabulous antique fair yesterday and got oodles of goodies. When i get my hands on my digital camera again (i accidently left it at my mom's), i plan on sharing my finds with you. I got everything from a great egg basket for holding yarn, a new sewing basket with some vintage pins and needles hidden inside, some great vintage hankies that i'm collecting to make a quilt with, and Joel even found a great old guitar for $20! If you're interested in knowing more about this place, check out or search for info on Aberfoyle Antique Fair near Guelph. It really is worth the drive.
Until then, here's a picture of a charm braclet that i made for myself. I starting making jewellry years ago, but it was mostly beaded necklaces. I've since expanded to earrings, rings, silver jewellry, pins, and bracelets. I hope the picture captures the charms well enough. I have some great Mexican charms on it, some flowers (of course!) and a great collection of beads.


Blogger Michele said...

I followed the link over from Thimble, so I thought I'd say...

- Welcome to blogging (its always nice to see another Torontonian online)

- Your charm bracelet is really cute.

and - I look forward to seeing what you picked up at the antique market. :)

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Joanne said...

Hi Vania,
Great web page!
I really enjoyed reading it and seeing what you have been up to.
Love the bracelet!
Keep up the good work.
p.s. I'll soon have a website of my own - it's currently under construction - I'll send you the link when it's up and running.

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Tanya said...

Hey Vania, nice to see all the things you are up to and what crafts you are into these days! The bracelet is ubber cute and fun, I love it! I am definately going to keep comming to your site to get updates on you and Joel! You are one cool chicky poo!

11:12 AM  

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