Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Cottage Relaxation

Just a few days away from the Vegetarian Fair and i'm so excited! September is quickly turning into a busy month with both work and play - i hope i can keep up! For instance, next weekend, it's the annual Clothing Show and i'm excited to find some new goodies there. I went to 'the cottage' this long weekend for much needed RnR. Swam in the lake, watched Shuma my cat meet his neices, ate way way to much a la mom, went 'antiquing' (got 24 champagne/sherry glasses for $3 TOTAL), did some crafts (knit my cat a blanket for his carrier, made a charm bracelet, worked on a quilt) and read a fantatic book called The Cross-Country Quilters that my mom leant me. Joel and i also kept busy taking some great shots to remind them of slow and simple times. Here are some to enjoy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh, i wish i could have gone to the cottage with you guys (I still think Haddie is the cutest!). And once again you've made me miss TO again - i've never been to that clothing show, but it looks to fabulous!!

10:25 AM  

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