Monday, January 05, 2009

I Come From a Family of Craftsters

I grew up making crafts with my mom and sister. I may have talked about this before already, but each Christmas i'm reminded of how crafty and creative we all are. My mom swears each year to not want any gifts, but as she's someone who gives me things all year-round, i feel like this is a good time to return the generosity. One thing she always does appreciate, though, is hand-made gifts.
So do i. This year, my sister spoiled me like usual, with both handmade gifts from her and other crafty folks. I have yet to take reasonable photos of the earrings she made me - silver cast pendant earrings made from real leaves. She took a course in this technique and treated me to her bounty of new knowledge! Stay tuned for a photo, they really are special.
Until then, here are some great treats i did get - a knit bag from my mom that i will use come summer; a cute make-up pouch from her as well with fabric fro our trip to Purl; and some cute knick knacks from my sis - an awesome brooch made from cross-stitch (blueberries in a basket). Isn't it divine? When i saw it under the tree (it was a present topper), i crossed my fingers it was for me! And, i love this new notebook made by an old record. J got one too - so fun! Oh, and arent' those two craft books great - i've been wanting them for a while! I can't wait to make something from the Zakka book!
Also, on a recent trip to Morocco, she bought me a shawl made by cactus silk. It's beautiful and i love that it was woven by something organic. Like the balls of yarn i love made from banana leaves and bamboo or soy silk. The colours are splendid and really pop out, especially when i wear it on cold winter days.Lastly, i just had to share with you a lovely litle dish little sis got me. She learned recently that i like John Derian's work, and on a trip to Nantucket, she came across this and bought it for me outright. A bit extravagant for our homemade gifts, but lovely and really touching. I think it will be placed proudly in my dining room all year round, not just over the holiday season (the red and green in it seems to scream Christmas!).

Thanks to you both for being so crafty and for continuing to inspire me.

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Blogger robyn said...

I love the journal. Are the pages lined or just plain?

5:13 PM  
Anonymous galxekat said...

You really love those blueberries, eh? I have a whole book on fruits and veggies, plus some other silly things. I will have to hide them next time ;)

I made a few record journals - some w/ lines some blank. Some were made w/ recycled eco-friendly paper and the others from Moleskin paper which had a back flap for loose paper.

4:38 PM  

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