Friday, September 03, 2010

Labour Day Love

Labour Day weekend marks the end of summer for me, as well as a great time to make some personal goals and commitments. I guess the back-to-school fever of my youth still dictates that for me. Unfortunately, this long weekend will be a wet and cool one, but i hope to still honour the change from summer to fall.
I've been busy getting some great toddler art ideas and books for fall. I also can't wait to dig out my decorations/festivities bin in the basement to make a seasonal table for fall - i know, it's still a couple of weeks away but i'm excited nonetheless!

We spent last weekend with some friends at a lovely cottage up north. The weather was perfect and a wonderful way to get a break from the city. Lil C loved to swim, and the slide was a highlight for him! For me, it was watching my little guy play and love his little friend, Sadie. He is so gentle. I love him so - there is no other way to warm my heart like spending time with Clem.

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