Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Lunch Accessories

As both J and i are now back to work - egads! - i wanted to make some fun lunch bags and the like both for Lil C and i. After realizing that public high chairs and tables probably hold a bit too much germiness for my liking, i promptly made a portable placemat for him. I used some adorable laminated fabric i bought on a whim. Now, i've used it a lot for bibs, the placemat, a lunch bag, and i'm sure i'll think of more things. And yes it's pink but goodness me boys can do pink - just look at the cute boys on the toile images!

Sorry, i digress, i just get a lot of comments that my wee one must be a girls cuz he has pink things.
Anyway, the placemat has faux leather on the back to make it less slippery while eating, and a spot for his spoon. I also added a ribbon to close it up nicely. It cleans up well, just wipe it down post eatin'.

I also made some snack bags after reading Angry Chicken's fun post. Her YouTube video is almost more fun than doing it myself - so funny! I made 3, 2 of which i kept and one i gave my dad who likes to snack on nuts. I love this idea - we are using plastic bags less and less now for sure.

Lastly, i made this small lunch bag for C. It's mainly for the stuff that should remain cold - like cheese and yoghurt mainly. It was a tester as i just bought this insulation stuff off Etsy. I will make another bag but bigger for me. Plus, it would be a great bag if you pump breast milk...I have kept the bag in the fridge with the jars i need to take out with me, so that all is cold until i need to pack it to go. So far, it's worked as the bag is too small really for an ice pack.

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Anonymous Katrina said...

I love the place mat with utensil holder - similar to patterns i've been for knitting needles. And great for on the go! If Little' C can rock the pink, rock it!

5:03 PM  

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