Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer Solstice

I think i officially love Summer the best. Especially June - The flowers that are in bloom (like this sunflower, our first successful bloom in 3 summers!), the fresh berries available locally, the great summer dresses i can wear - ah, summer!
In honour of our first summer as a family of 3, i decided to start displaying Nature Tables, a la Waldorf Education. I`m still learning about it all, but i really am attracted to it`s philosophy - love of nature, imagination, creativity, and not forcing children to learn a certain way. I won`t get into it all here, but for now i think it`s a style of parenting i will follow, more so than schooling. For our first table, i put some things that represent Summer for both J and myself (shells, knit strawberry, lavender, twigs, rocks). And, i was able to add some pinecombs that C and i played with at the park too! He was quite fascinated with them. The all sit on an old plate that my mother gave me, a Serbian one with painted Poppies on them (also kin to Summer). And, instead of playsilks, i've used a vintage table cloth with a blue butterfly appliqued on.

I picked up this lovely book too recently at our local library. It is an older book that was re-published recently. The text is a lyrical poem that goes through each of the months. A perfect way to start our journey celebrating the everyday and natural world we live in.
Today, on our walk today to our LLL meeting, i took some photos. I just love seeing the surprise in everyday life, the colour and art hidden in the concrete of the city. We are lucky to live near a pedestrian railpath and use it a lot to get around. I was so tempted to glean some of these Black-Eyed Susans as mine haven`t taken this year, for some reason, but i didn`t. This way i can enjoy them each time i walk by.

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