Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quick and Easy Fudge

New Year's Eve, we partook in a Murder Mystery party. Set in 1926, the caper involved a murdered lead actor, only to be found killed by yours truly, a young understudy with a bad streak. I don't think i played good murderer, but i did bring some good treats to keep things warm and sweet. Like me, out of character...ha ha ha.

Found in My Sweet Vegan and perfect for a night of danger and mayhem, i made her "5 Minute Coconut Chocolate Fudge." It really did take mere minutes, and didn't involve any baking. I have never made fudge, but i couldn't help but recall images of fudge makers laboriously working over the stiffening fudge as they mixed it in the bowl. That was me for a few minutes!

To make the recipe a bit more 'holiday-y' i added cinnamon. About a teaspoon i think. So in the end, the recipe could lovingly be called "The 3 C's Fudge" - cinnamon, coconut, and chocolate.

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