Monday, July 20, 2009

Homemade Thanks

"A little bird told us...our son is lucky to have you in his life!
A big thanks goes out to you!"

We are still too busy to write anything detailed here - i don't know how other blog moms do it! - but wanted to surface and say hello. Clem is sleeping here with me, and i have to say i love babywearing (and thankfully so does he!). J loves to wear the Ergo Carrier and i have been using a Moby-inspired sheet of fabric i made - an easy peasy pattern of 6 metres of jersey cotton.

Anyway, i digress. I just wanted to post a thank-you to all our loved ones for being so great to us over these last few weeks, and to share some tips to any expecting new parents on what help can help you in the first month of being a parent!

For instance:
* if someone offers you to clean your house or pay for someone to, take them up on it!
* get people to bring your prepared food instead of gifts or flowers - homemade dinners especially - or they can bring requested restaurant food or make you a meal at your place - and clean the dishes for you. Beloved friends can even make you several dishes and freeze them for you
* have someone watch your pet maybe for the first day or so. We didn't but i know our cat Shuma felt a bit neglected over the first 3 days
* do your laundry and light cleaning
* have folks pick up groceries and make other 1-item trips to stores for you
* get movies/shows on DVD or burned. They can come in handy when breastfeeding or in between feeds
* have visitors stay only for an hour or less
* if visitors stay longer (i.e. grandparents) they can watch babe while you nap, shower, or do an errand (i.e fill out SIN card application or other gov't forms)
* have someone change your sheets or make your bed - you will lie in it a lot and it feels good to have clean sheets
* if you live in Toronto like me, and are in the midst of a city strike, get out of town guests to take your garbage home with them! We are doing disposible diapers at night for now, and they add up!
* work in the garden for you - weeding, pruning, watering



Blogger Urban Environmentalist said...

Good tips Vania! Glad you're enjoying your precious little one. Hope the garbage strike resolves soon!!:)

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