Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Your Everyday Dress

I wanted to spend some time doing things that weren't focused on the baby. So, i set out to make a long overdue project for our clothespins. We have a clothesline that i can't wait to hang our cloth diapers from, but the container that holds the pins gets gunk in it every time it rains. Real gunk that leaves marks on our freshly washed clothes. Defeats the whole purpose, right?
So, i went to my favourite local Value Village in search of the perfect dress to hold them. Yes, i said dress and i went shopping in the baby section not for my baby but for clothespins! I was inspired by other similar projects i've seen in craft and design books, as well as at various blogs - these pin holders were especially popular during the 1930s and 40s, and have such a lovely whimsical feel.

Instead of making one from scratch, i found the perfect dress - one with buttons on the back, so that our hands can reach inside. I just love restructuring things! I then sewed a small pouch to fit inside and hold the pins. I inserted it into the dress, careful to not sew the dress closed or distort its shape. The pouch turned out looking like bloomers - an even cuter addition! I reinforced the stitches to make sure they hold the weight of the pins.

Now i just have to store it inside so that this cute number never gets dirty and weight. Good thing it looks so cute in my kitchen with all my aprons, as the back door to the laundry line is just outside the kitchen!

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