Thursday, June 10, 2010

Updating Our Cushions

We've had the same cushions forever and since our style is changing, i thought it was about time i made some updates with them. We also are changing our basement to make it more of a fun and cohesive family play area, so i thought more playful pillows were in order. Since i can't afford all the design visions in my head, updating our look with simple pillows is a nice touch, and step in the right direction.

I recently splurged on an abundant new stash of fabrics at my favourite local fabric store, The Workroom. Some was for me, but mos was for Lil C. I love bird, butterfly, and leaf fabric, from the Echino line especially. I bought enough to also make a skirt for myself. I got to use the simple A-line pattern from the great Built By Wendy Sew U book, but i guess that's enough story. Oh, and the awesome lineny white pillow with screen printed electrical poles is from a new local partnership called Repeat. Here's a bit of a slideshow to showcase the shams. Yes, there sure are a lot of words that all mean the same thing (sham, pillow, cushion....).

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