Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Sunday Morning

I'm thinking of starting a new post entitled "Our Sunday Morning", inspired by some other blogger's weekly posts. But, as i work outside the home + in the home, i think doing something on weekends is more do-able for me. I wish i had time to do all the crafts i have on my to-do and inspiration lists, let alone take photos of them!

This will also keep me active with my blog in general, as at times life gets in the way... But i can at least upload the pictures i take, as i still am taking a lot of them weekly, and sometimes daily.

Now that Lil C is 15 months old, his adventures both in the home and outside it have increased exponentially! He is drawing, walking, dancing, singing, and helping mommy in the kitchen. Helping daddy of course too.

He has figured out how to use the stepstool in the kitchen, which is both exciting and a bit scary. But, getting moments like this photo captures is worth it - he not only helped me clean, he discovered more about himself and our home. Lovely.

Oh, and please excuse both my baggy pj bottoms and messy kitchen - we're in the middle of redoing the backsplash!

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