Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Restructured Sweater Hat and Mitts

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My mom felted an old sweater of my dad's ages ago and i finally found a project worth cutting it up for. As C's winter coat set is a lovely cream and beige, i thought this wool would both look lovely and be so warm and cozy. C is not a fan of most hats and mitts and i've noticed too that his neck sometimes gets exposed with just a hat and jacket. So, i crafted up a loose idea for a patten and whipped up this hat in no time. I searched on-line to find a guide, but couldn't but am quite happy with how it turned out.
I cut out the hat part, and used elves' hats as an inspiration. Then, i added longer pieces cut from the sleeves for the neck part. And, easy enough - i just sewed the neck wrap part onto the hat. Now his neck is never exposed! But, as my wee one is definitely going through some type of growth spurt, i don' think the hat will last all winter.

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