Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Sunday Morning - Last Week and Now

As i got so busy last week with making presents and otherwise getting ready for our festivities, i never got around to upload photos, let alone post here. So, here are 2 photos - 1 from what we did last Sunday Morning and what happened we are back home after a whirlwind family visit extravaganza!!

Oh, and Happy Belated Solstice to you as well....

We made truffles for the first time, and wanted to share them as gifts. Last Sunday, we finished them off after doing most of the work Saturday night. We made two kinds - Cream Earl Grey Milk Chocolate (for our non-vegan friends) and Dark Chocolate Fudge. The second recipe i got from jae steele's great book Get it Ripe. I sprinkled it with cinnamon and cocoa but otherwise i followed the recipe. Fun to make, a big process, and a bit messy. I am happy with the taste of both but definitely need to work on my coating technique.
This is Li'l C and i at my parents house this morning. He loves the camera, almost as much as he loved all the family, company, and attention he got this weekend!

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