Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Day 12 - Merry Christmas Tree

Every year, i look forward to decorating the tree, and have fallen in love with using a real tree. This year, i brought out the ornaments and used a 'craft' vibe. I also have a collection of ballerina ornaments as well as mermaid, so i mismatch and play with the theme each year. I annually add a new ornament to the tree, whether it's something i bought, or more appropriately, make.This year, i made some birds out of knitted squares. Here are the simple steps to make your own:
1) Knit a small square, and fold in half on the diagonal.
2) Mattress-stitch 3/4 of it closed, and add cotton batting as the stuffing. Can also insert a small stick of pipe cleaner to mimic legs.
3) Close the seam and then add outside features: some wings, beak and eyes. For the wings, i knit even smaller triangular pieces. And, for the beak, i cut a small diamond shape out of felt, and i cross-stitched the eyes on. I also added a tail from the left-over yarn. Once done, i added a piece of ribbon to attach to to attach the tree.

I'll be off from blogland for a few days, so have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year. See in in 2008!

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