Saturday, December 15, 2007

Day 2 - Family Stockings

J requested i make him his very own personalized stocking this year. Since we have been using a basic 'Santa' one i bought him years ago, i guess he was starting to get jealous of the one my mother made me when i was young, as well as the one i made our cat. So, as i know how much he loves my restructuring of things, i made him this stocking of old felted sweaters that have been in the family. Now, all three of us have our very own place on the mantal!
It was pretty easy to make. I outlined a standard stocking for the pattern and cut the arm lengths out of two sweaters. I had scraps remaining of the red sweater - and fortunately one of them being the bottom hem that i used as the boot cuff. i then sewed the stocking right side together on the machine, turned it right-side out, and then finished the detailing with the letter 'J.'

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