Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Like Making Pancakes

Do you ever have that problem, like in making pancakes, where the first one is never really good? Maybe not a circle, or it burns to the pan, or sometimes it just doesn't cook at all? I have this problem not only when making pancakes but also sewing things in pairs too!

Like take these adorable booties from Amy Butler's Little Stitches book. The first one just wasn't that good. I had to take it apart after the second one worked just as it was supposed to. At least in sewing, we can re-do things - pancakes just don't have stitches to rip out and start over with!The first bootie opened on the side and there was no way my little one would be okay with mommy forcing it on! They also turned out a bit club feetish, but hopefully they'll fit at some point in 0-3 months, as that's the size i made!

Besides that, aren't they adorable? This is the green that will be featured in Gumball's room, and it's from vintage fabric that i just love.

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Blogger affectioknit said...

They're adorable booties! you did a great job!

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cute booties. And one thing with pancakes is that whatever size or shape they come out, they're usually edible slathered in something sweet!

9:25 PM  

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