Monday, August 10, 2009

The Lovely Side of Cottony Goodness

Things are coming along with this new family of three. Far from being an expert, i do find that i am getting a good handle on things and can actually share my opinion on some baby-related topics!

For instance, i love that we are using cloth diapers here. We have had a good selection of clothy goodness to choose from and while the verdict is still out on what is our ultimate favourite, Motherease and Apple Cheeks are in the lead for tops. Little Clem does not seem to have a preference, but it looks like both of these absorb well and do not have the same spillage and size issues as other diapers we have tried. Both are made in Canada and the Apple Cheeks have the cutest colours - plus they are not as bulky as they are all-in-ones.

And really, the clean-up process is not that bad at all.We also all love baby-carrying. Clem especially loves his Ergo Carrier and i love that i made a wrap similar to the Moby. There are lots of great sites to get free of for-purchase patterns to make your own carriers, so i suggest checking them out! Here are a couple. Clem snuggles up inside nicely and it is our secret tool to get him to sleep which he has yet to learn to do so on his own. There is nothing quite like the time when he is sleeping all cozy on me. Now, if only i can get him to sleep off me....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having your first baby is such a steep learning curve, isn't it. We started out with shaped diapers with velcro covers (all those years ago) but found they let everything escape and let the dampness through. We ended up with old-fashioned square diapers, which I folded and pinned, and plastic pants.

We used them for all three boys and they were fine.

I love slings too. Don't expect your little one to be able to go to sleep on his own for a long time (I think we have unrealistic expectations here of what a baby is capable of, which causes a lot of stress in the parents AND the baby)!

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