Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Solstice Hats

We had a pledge this year to only give each other gifts made by ourselves for Winter Solstice. So, i took some cues from J about wanting a new hat and found this great tutorial on-line. I also had bought this pattern for Lil C online months ago and thought that my Solstice gifts this year would be handmade hats.

I am quite happy with both hats, and am proud that my sewing abilities have gotten so good that J thought i 'cheated and bought my gift.' Unfortunately, Lil C's will be small too soon but the pattern goes until he's 3 so i will definitely make one again. It will be good with lighter fabric for the summer, and i suspect he will like dressing up with this hat - i see him as a train conductor and J says the hat is one bikers wear. Incidently, he now wants an adult version too!

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