Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Collections

We are slowly coming back to our regular routine here, now that most of the holidays are over - and by most i mean we acknowledged both Orthodox Christmas and Candlemas here. So, i am still in holiday vibe, at least until next weekend, when i will have to begrudgingly take down our tree.

Now that the gift giving is over, i wanted to share some of them with you. I went all out and made different sorts of gifts - besides the usual sewing and knitting, i also made truffles, felted things, and J also got creative. I think i shared the truffles with you recently....I already look forward to next year's gift-making when C can participate more.

For the first post of a few, here are some of my new 'collections.'
1) Books - some for me and some for J and C. Books like Sewing Clothes Kids Love, The Joy of Vegan Baking, That's Why We Don't Eat Animals, Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, City Alphabet (produced right here in Toronto), and this sweet book i made for C:
I made this simple little book for C and two other wee ones. For each, i searched through my large and generous fabric supply to find images that spell out the wee one's name - for Clem, i found a Cat, Leaf, Elephant, and Mushoom. I also added other pictures of things he loves - an apple, bike, dog, flower, etc. I also got to use my beloved fabric pens and alphabet stamps.
2) Chocolate - not only did i make some (and ahem, sample a few), i am glad people know i love chocolate. Look at my amazing selection! Besides my usual fave company Cocoa Camino, i also got a lovely spicy dark chocolate from local company Choco Sol - a pedal powered production! Some of these were officially for Joel but we liked to share.3) Coffee Cups - here J surprised me by making some for us. He bought these awesome white mugs and then stenciled images on them with things we love and share our initials - a Squirrel for me (last name), a Bird for C's middle name, and a Raccoon for J's last name. Fun and a sweet idea! I also bought him this mug at our annual City of Craft fair, (though it looks like the crafter i bought it from doesn't have a blog to link to) for his new job. But he says he loves the mug too much to take to work.

Incidentally in that last photo also are these lovely wooden pencil crayons i bought for C, and a new scarf for me - to add to my abundant collection!

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