Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Feast

If you're ever in a jam about hosting a holiday dinner for non-vegans and especially non-vegan parents, you can find a lot of great recipes on-line and in the great selection of vegan cookbooks these days. We really had fun prepping this meal - our first time hosting my parents for a holiday meal. I went all out, but it was a fun adventure from thinking up the menu to eating it! Here's what we can up with - it can work with both Easter and Christmas or other days that are important to you.

Let me just highlight the Tofu Roast. It was really fun to make and while the look wasn't as perfect as Ying Ying's Tofu Roast, it is pretty tasty and made from scratch by yours truly. The only thing i couldn't do was make my perfect stuffing as i had run out of sage without knowing. What's stuffing without it? Though i have to say i kept stealing mouthfuls of the leftovers (cold and in the fridge no less) of the next few days.....

On the Menu for Good Friday:

Tofu Roast by La Dolce Vegan - notices the three stages of it in the photos above.
Mapled Brussel Sprouts from The Vegetable Dishes I can't Live Without
Hedgehog Potatoes from Super Natural Cooking
Miso Gravy by Juice for Life (Fresh restaurant's first book)

Orzo Salad
Roasted Garlic Bread from Ace Bakery
Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake by Novel Eats
Oh, and this added bonus by Bunners, our local vegan gluten-free bakery! Vegan Creme Egg (the white stuff on the side is just cream of coconut milk i had extra of). It was pretty yummy and a sweet (pun intended) treat, but as it's the same size as the 'real' egg i don't think it was worth the $4.50. I ate it too fast for that price!

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