Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Toddler Arts n Crafts Group

I was itching to have a fun group for Clem to share his love of arts with. It would also help me as mom to find new arts and crafts ideas for him to try out. It is so important for me to provide this to him, his creative side, as it's a way of teaching him that boys also can be creative.
The group has started of small but it has been a blast. We have done finger paints, play dough sculptures (oh the glorious mess), V-day cards with potato stamps, bird feeders for Candlemas, IWD noodle necklaces, and paper plate tamborines so far. I have loved watching C discover this side, and learn with him that he doesn't like to be messy - he'd rather organize the mess, but loves a lot of colour in front of him. Sometimes he has doesn't really participate in the activity, but that's not the point for me just yet - it's about having fun and having creative moments.

I have used some great other crafty mom blogs as a guide, so if you want to do a similar group at your home, read here for some info and tips. We hope that this group continues and grows, maybe into gardening soon as Spring is just around the corner!

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