Monday, February 07, 2011

His New Room-ish

We got rid of Lil C's crib in hopes he would sleep better. While he loves his new set-up, i can't say he sleeps a lot better...but that's another story. Regardless, updating his new room to be toddler-friendly was full of fun projects for us! During the day, we just stack the two mattresses and surround them with pillows, and at night, we can fit them side by side for a comfy sleep, and a chance for mama or daddy to join him if needed.

We saved the crib mattress and brought out an old single mattress of mine to create a nice sleeping nook. So, that called for lots of pillows. I still have one more to make, and need to start that quilt i've had in my head for C, but for the most part his new room is done!
I love the bird pillow - it's from an old framed cross-stitch piece that i needed to save for 'the right project' and here it is! C was named after James Baldwin (middle name) so we had to honour him somehow. J made a shirt for C when he was 9 months old, and since he clearly has outgrown it, i thought of this easy way to keep it longer. And, since his room is Secret Garden themed, i thought of a fun way to use leftover treebark fabric - by making 2 logs!
As C is a book lover already, and we read a lot of books together. And, i really appreciate that C can reach any of his favourite books. I found this great tutorial on-line and it's a perfect solution. I added some pockets on the outside so that C can reach is board books easily. Luckily, i was also able to re-use most of the crib skirt now that we won't need it any longer.
I am also so happy to use our collection of quilts - 2 that used to be J's when he was little. I think his grandma made them both. The painted animals are adorable! And, soon we'll be using sheets/quilts for C to sleep with, instead of the sleep sacks he has now. Then, the awesome quilt our friend Suzanne made for C will be a perfect fit! Soon, i'll get to add the one i've been dreaming up, full of woodland and garden-themed prints (like his big pillow pictured above).

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