Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Sunday Morning - Easter Sunday

We had a busy weekend, packed with visits with close friends and family. Aunt J, this post is for you as you inspired me to write a post (sorry for the delay folks) tonight as i promised!

We decorated 2 dozen eggs with Lil C and his Baba. Some were made by staining with onion peel, others we used tissue paper as a wet wrap, and the rest were dipped in food colouring - C loves dipping the eggs in their pools. So, what does a vegan do with 2 dozen cooked eggs? Promptly give lots to friends at our annual potluck dinner. Speaking of that dinner, wait until my next post when i can share the amazing feast we made. Homemade Tofu Roast - need i say more...

For now, here's C during his first ever egg hunt. He doesn't eat chocolate but he loves finding things, so this game was a delight.

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