Sunday, January 09, 2011

Our Sunday Morning - Apple Sauce

We had a lovely and quiet day at Chez JVC. After a busy weekend of seeing friends, hosting a dinner party, and having overnight friends, nothing finishes it off better than staying indoors in your comfy clothes.

While C had his nap, i took the time to make apple sauce. We get a bi-weekly food box and always get the same staples. You know, carrots, potatoes, greens, and apples. So, as C loves 'appy' so much, i thought this was great chance for him to have some homemade stuff!

There are many apple sauce recipes out there, but i didn't want to add anything, especially sugar. So we loosely followed Get it Ripe's recipe (always a good reference for healthy cooking regardless) and it is perfect. Eight medium apples to one cup of water and bowl for 20-30 min! Done.

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