Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Perfect Birthday Cake for J

My main man had a birthday this past weekend, a holiday weekend here in Canada. For a very fitting cake, i made him one made of popcorn, chocolate candies (M & Ms, not truly vegan i know...), pretzels, and marshmallow. I veganized this recipe. It really is a cake with J's name all over it - he loves all these treats as snacks separated so i knew it was a winner. Of course, we completed it with vanilla ice creem and whipped creem (i won't name the brand here because they still have not perfected their product but oh well, they're trying).

The cake is very easy to make, and while i had to make some changes, it was straight forward enough. As we don't have a microwave and i had no idea how much 'two microwave bags of popcorn is, ' i googled it and found that means 12 cups of popcorn. Twelve! I also had to buy a lot of vegan marshmallows, which if you must know is more expense than the other kind and doesn't melt nearly as quickly or smoothly. But the end product is oh-so-good. My chocolates also melted a bit too fast because of all that vegan marg and mallow. Oh well, more goodness that way i think.
It was also a small task to get out of my pan, even though i sprayed it as recommended. I don't have a bundt pan so hoped the rose cake pan i had would work. Luckily, it cooperated! Proves just about anything can be veganized. If only souffles and macaroons (French not coconut) can be too....

J said this was a perfect cake for him indeed and a good summer cake - no baking and fun to eat with your hands!

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