Sunday, May 29, 2011

Simple Waldorf Toys

I made some simple toys for Li'l C to enjoy, both featured here are adapted from some Waldorf sources. They are fun to make, and very simple and earthy. I especially liked how quick they were to make. The leaves are hand sewn so they provided a further gentle meditation for me as i sewed them.
As we are vegetarian, i adapted a fishing game into "Felt Leaves and Rake." To make, use some green felt (i used left over felted sweater material), and cut into leaf shapes. Stitch 2 pieces together, and add detail vein down middle if you like. At the end, leave a long piece of thread and knot a washer there. I first tried inserting it inside the leaf, but that proved too thick for the magnet. Make as many as you like, between 3 -5 is best. I had a left over piece of magnetic washer available but they may be hard to find. Try to get one so that you can tie the magnet around some string. Then attach to a stick (bamboo is nice and sturdy). Now we just have to get used to being gentle with the stick as it can be dangerous to swing it around!
The other toy is a wind ring that we lovingly call "Shoo Fly" here as we have picked up singing that song while we play with it. C especially loves how the ribbons tickle him when we chase each other with it. I picked blue as 1) i have a lot of blue ribbons and 2) i thought it looked like either waves of the ocean or sky. It was an instant hit!

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