Monday, September 26, 2005

Top 5 Vegan Restos

I love living in a big city for many reasons, one of them being the choices people get with their catered lives. As a vegan, it can be difficult to be accommodated in most 'normal' restaurants. I can only eat so much salad! There are some key vegetarian restaurants here, and some of them go so far in being vegan as well. I am still discovering some other restos, but here are my 5 favourites:
1) Fressen - An amazing place where gourmet food meets vegan cuisine. Divine, imaginative, nutritious, lovely presentation, and a great decor.
2) Juice for Life/Fresh - Another staple in this city, with 3 locations. Great juice bar, amazing rice bowls and burgers. Have their own cookbooks with a gret recipe for miso gravy!
3) Cafe 668 - A vegetarian vietnamese resto that rivals a few like it in the city. Shabby decor but very inventive dishes with the 'fake meats' out there. King's Cafe is another good one similar to this one.
4) Pulp Kitchen - Across town for me, but a great spot for brunch with vegan dishes (soy non vegan cheese)and a great juice bar.
5) Hey Good Cooking - All vegetarian, lots of rotis and rice dishes. Yummy - in a quiet neighbourhood,located doors down from rival Live (a raw food resto).


Blogger krissy said...

i'm not vegan but i am veg. there are so many great restaurants in this city! (did you see the top 20 in NOW a couple of weeks ago?). some probably aren't totally vegan though. i just moved to the east side of the city and my new favourite is "simon's wok". i'm also obsessed with "king's cafe" in kensington. i know not everything is totally vegan at those places but might be worth checking out if you haven't already. (oh, lotus garden is good too! and bo de deyun...i could go on and on!). pulp kitchen is so fabulous. we went there a couple of weeks ago and the menu has changed. bit pricier but so yummy!

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