Friday, January 12, 2007

Some Good Reading

Since my last few entries have been picture heavy and long, i thought that it was time to share with you some great articles i've read recently. Bitch is one of my favourite magazines and this current issue (No. 34 Winter 2007) is especially good. I recommend the feminist knitter in you as well as the vegetarian/vegan in you to get a copy today: there are 2 great articles in there just for us!

The knitting article, "Knot in Our Name," shares what it's like to be a feminist knitter and someone who is challenging what a 'domestic woman' is as well as squashing the stereotype that all knitters are the same. I especially love the piece about radical knitters where the author shares info about a group called knitPro - a web-based protest site that addresses sweatshop labour.

The other article is about being a vegetarian and being a feminist, and how, unfortunately, these two identities don't cross paths much and support each other more. For instance, PETA doesn't link woman abuse and the abuse of animals, and woman-centred agencies don't typically have resources for vegetarians. It may not be an important connection for some, but for me, it is. I am a vegan because i am a woman, and because i wish to live in a non-violent world. Being a violence against woman activist, the connection between what i eat and my gender politics need to complement each other, as Aimee Dowl, the author of "Friend or Food: Raising the Flag for Feminist Vegetarianism" writes.

The last article was forwarded to me by a friend that obviously knows me well. The New York Times wrote a story on January 11/07 about the industry of vegan style. Right up my alley. Check out this link to read more. I especially loved hearing about all the vegan stores opening up and doing well in New York City. It's a solid article and the best part is that it's in the style section and shoes once again that being a vegan is more than eating tofu every day and only wearing hemp smocks. I know, i know,now i'm stereotyping!

Happy reading!

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Anonymous Jodi said...

Interesting information Vania!

I think it's fantastic that companies are begining to address the need for alternative, vegan-friendly and eco-conscious clothing and accessories.

Where I'm having a difficult time with this is the materials that are being used to manufacture vegan shoes and handbags.

Synthetic material like 'pleather' and other man-made plastics are not always biodegradable. Also, during the manufacturing process of these plastics, harmful chemicals are released into the environment.

Hemp is a great product but according to the article not everyone likes to wear hemp which is why new, alternative materials for clothing are being created.

This is what bugs me...

Polymer-based plastics are not eco-friendly materials and will take centuries to decompose. If I had a choice between leather shoes that will decompose in 10 years versus polymer plastic "vegan" shoes that would take 100+ years to decompose, I would choose the former.

Maybe we should just all wear Swedish wooden clogs ;)

1:11 PM  
Blogger Carla said...

Same here, going veg came out of feminism, eco-feminism and anti-oppression theory. And I'm always surprised to meet feminists who aren't vegetarian or vegan. I don't try to convert them, I'm just surprised that they don't see the connection the way I do.

I'll have to pick up that issue, thanks for the heads-up!

8:05 PM  
Blogger Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing these. I too find it so interesting (and troubling) that being a vegetarian and being a feminist don't intersect more. For me it just makes sense you know?

Sorry I haven't been by in a while...just getting caught up on the blog world today. So much news to share with you. Once my ribs are healed up and I am moving around more, I'll have you over for dinner or something since we can't make a day time hook up work. How's that sound.

3:01 PM  
Blogger Carla said...

I like Emily Haines solo, too! I saw her in the fall, I guess you went to the Danforth Music Hall show. I like her Metric voice, but I like her solo voice even more. And kickin' lyrics!

10:41 AM  
Blogger The Alt Martha said...

I'd like to throw in my two cents about the leather versus pleather issue. Leather is not necessarily more vegan friendly just because it comes from something natural (the skin of an animal). The leather is often a by-product of the meat industry which is anything but environmentally friendly and purchasing leather helps make the meat industry that much more profitable. Additionally if someone buys a quality leather alternative shoe it can last for years (my Gripfast shoes are currently on their fifth year and I wear them nearly everyday) and resources are now available for recycling shoes once you have worn them out.

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Liesl said...

I was just thinking about this the other day. I too am surprised feminism and vegetarianism don't go hand in hand more often.

1:20 AM  

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