Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Another New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you had a great and relaxing holiday. I had the week off work and it really was a great break. I barely thought about it at all - and that's a rarity for me! I barely left my house, or my parents, so that added to my cottage-like life. And not because of the weather: I read my entries for last January, and found it so strange that i talked about snow. A lot of snow, at that. One thing about this past Christmas is that there wasn't any snow. Not even a drop. Made it a bit hard to feel festive, but i found ways to manage.
I'm happy to say that i'm just about done my knitting commitments and that's great. I knit my mom this great stole for her birthday (Jan 1st baby). I used a pattern from Knitty, and i didn't entirely get it, mainly because i couldn't always focus on the details. So i improvised and added my own pattern. It turned out lovely and suits her great. Instead of repeated the 2x3 pattern as suggested, i repeated the pattern from rows 1-16 3 times. I think it looked lovely this way and was easy to follow.
We also had a great New Year's Eve. We had friends over for dinner and dessert (i will post my pictures of and recipes next time) and then dressed up for a murder mystery party at another friend's home. It was so much fun and took the whole night to play. The story was set in the 1940's, in Casablanca, and a French mime had just been murdered. I was a Russian aristocrat woman in exile. I had to wear fur, but of course, that's never going to happen, but i have this great vintage faux fur coat so i wore that. And, just to add to my character, i drank Black Russians all night ( a bit too much, if you know what i mean!).

I'm thinking about what this new year will bring me and what i want to contribute to it. One year ago, i started at this great job that i love and am so happy to have. But, working as a counsellor for abused women can be draining, and i'm trying to fund something to balance it with. Of course, my crafts come in handy, but something more substantial. Something that gets me out of the house and active.

So, one idea i have is to look into becoming a doula. With 6 friends having babies this year, i learned a lot about newborns, struggles the parents have, and the overall life-altering shift that comes out of this. It broke my heart to hear their frustrations with the system of childbirth, as well as the overall lack of support and information available to them. While i'm not a mom myself, i've spent years working with children as well as a counsellor. So, one commitment to myself is to see what it takes to become a doula; take a course, read more about labour and babies, etc.
Another commitment to myself is to look into my transportation. My beloved car, Edna Zuki (named after my favourite poet and car type) has died. She has gone to car heaven. I've had her since high school and she was both my lifeline and constant support. Now that she is gone, we're looking into our options, similar to what Mishka shared a while ago. We would love to buy a car, but alas a hybrid (car of choice) is out of our price range, and i don't know too much about cars in general. So, we're also looking into joining AutoShare but need to see if this is a worth-while option. I do like the idea of being car-less, and just biking or taking transit everywhere. But i know i will struggle at times because how can one go from having a car since the age of 17 to no car at all?

The last commitment to myself is somewhat related to the previous one: I need to exercise! I need to get out of the house and meet new people! I need to work up a sweat so i can fit into all my pants again. I got Dance Dance Revolution and some money to join a dance class, so i think i'm off to a good start. But, i have to do it. I've been saying i will for too long. Walking home from the bus stop is one thing, but actually taking care of my body is another.

Whew, i'm tired already with my commitment list!


Anonymous Jodi said...

great work on the stole, it's so pretty!

I'm not a fan of owning cars so I can't sympathize with your new found car-less state but give Autoshare a try for bulk grocery pick-ups and long distance day trips. Good luck with your research on that :)

p.s. has anyone ever told you that you resemble Maggie Gyllenhaal - the actress? she/you have that authentic 1920's look - i think it's the eyes!

11:37 PM  
Blogger vania said...

Wow, what a great compliment - i Love her. Thanks so much, Jodi. I also would rather not have a car, especially when living in a big city, but it would really be good for work - home visits all over the city can be very tricky when it takes a long time on transit. Thanks for your comments.

11:46 PM  
Blogger jen said...

lovely stole.

i never thought about you looking like maggie gyllenhaal before but now that jodi mentions it, you totally do!

i think you becoming a doula sounds like a great idea. it's a really needed service with the way the medical system treats childbirth. i know someone who became a doula, she did it through dona, which looks to be active in ontario.

good luck with the car thing! there was a great article in the last "plenty" magazine about electric cars (not hybrid, all electric) and i think there was one that is going to be coming out soon that is cheap, like US$6000. it looks like the perfect city car for you. it might not be practical since you need a car soon, but i bet you'll get a kick out of that article if you can get ahold of the magazine.

happy new year!

9:50 AM  
Blogger Harmonia said...

Your creativeness continues to amaze me! Very nice!

9:22 PM  
Blogger michelleknits said...

oh, too bad you're not in portland. doula central! (actually, i just used this phrase with a friend of mine, who when i first met her, i was struck by how much she looked like you. oh, and she's a doula!)

you know, you do kind of have maggie gyllenhaal's eyes! never thought of that either! that is a big compliment cause maggie is so very pretty and rad (well, i imagine that she is rad!)

funny, my sister thought of becoming a midwife or a doula while she was pregnant, but then after she had her baby, she's been rethinking it! but i bet being a doula is so rewarding.

happy new year, vania!

2:11 PM  
Blogger Sandra said...

Oh my gosh ... I can't believe I missed this one. Stupid ribs!!

I love the photo of you and J ... so fabulous.

And you would make an outstanding Doula! I really, really wish I had known what value a doula could bring before I had my son. I know my whole hellish birthing experience would have been so different if I had an advocate. I also think you'd be a really great doula if that is what you choose to persue. You inspire me!

Also, sorry ot hear abou the car. May your sweet wheels rest in peace :)

Hey did you read my New Years post ... I totally gushed about you.

3:08 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

Vania (& friends)

Just to make sure that 2007 is a really great year, we would like to offer you the following discount to join AutoShare: join for $99, no deposit.

(If it doesn't work for you, you can still get $74 back up to 30 days later).

Just use the promo code "blog-join-99" when you apply

Kevin McLaughlin

12:02 PM  

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