Monday, August 20, 2007

Meet Our Newest Family Member

After years of struggling with 'okay' photos with my zippy little Sony Cybershot, and years also of 'okay but chancey' film photos with our golden oldie manual Pentax, we biked off to our favourite camera store and bought ourselves a new digital SLR camera. Neither J nor i can believe we bought something so precious and worth so much, but we know it'll be a great investment. And heh, it was used (a year old to be exact), so that cut the cost in half. We did some research, and spoke to our numerous friends who are great photogs, and the Olympus rivals some of the cameras they use, and well, the price fit just that might better into our already tight budget.

So, please meet our new best friend, the Olympus E500, that i will lovingly call 'Edna.' In part, because i would rather call it Edna than 'evolt,' assuming the 'E' stands for that. And partly because what really brought us to buy the camera now was a roll of film that died before we could develop it. We had gone to Camden, Maine, the birthplace of sorts of my favourite poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay. After being there a mere 18 hours, we left, hoping that our fun shots of the town and Edna's commerative statue would remind us of our fun day, and our creative woes would be worth the fuss. Alas, the film got ripped in the camera itself and after trying to get it out, the film was exposed to the light. Grrr...had we had a good digital, we would be lovingly looking at all our pretty photos - all 20 of them!

Here's a sampling of the photos i'll be taking: the picture's not blurry!
So, as this month marks my 2-year anniversary in blogland, i thought that it would be a wonderfuly appropriate time to treat myself to clearer photos, better colour, brighter close-ups, and all around more fun. I can't wait to get started....

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Blogger mishka said...

congratulations, vania and j! My camera was also an older model - refurbished - and a lot less than other cameras at the store. I just couldn't bring myself to pay over $1000! Nor could I afford it. I'm glad you got a more reasonably priced camera that you're happy with.

I look forward to seeing all the great shots from your new toy!

5:00 PM  
Anonymous zeenes said...

Congratulations!! I bought the E-500 kit in April at a store closing sale, and am so happy with it. I hope you enjoy it!

If you're on flickr, there's a Olympus E-500 group that has lots of great info and photos. This site is great, too: Using Your E-500

9:31 AM  

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