Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Go Red Sox!

I am by no means a baseball fan, but it was hard not to be this past weekend when i went to see my sister in Boston. I have such a soft spot for that city, and going this time of year was lovely. The 9-hour car ride home through the lush and colourful landscape was a perfect way to end it too!
Since it was about my fourth visit, i felt like i was getting a good idea of the city, but there were so many events that sis planned for us to do, that it almost felt like a typical weekend at home as well. Besides watching 2 baseball games at a local hotspot, we also went to some wonderful stores and events. We started off the weekend with a trip to the local Cupcake store, where there was a vegan cake for me - not chocolate, but still nice and moist and autumn-y!
For instance, one of my favourite places is right in Davis Square where my sis lives - a cool little indie store that supports local artists called Magpie. I left with a few items, including a lovely chain necklace by Nice Lena. Very cute. I also had a great time at the weekly SOWA Open Market, where i got some lovely notebooks (sorry, can't remember the artist's name right now) as well as cute vintage wallet with a deer print on it by Shara Porter. She also had really cute restructured tops made from old dresses. Similar to a shrug, i guess - shrug meets tummy top! I got one with buttons on the back; not easy access for sure, but i love getting J help me dress (and undress....).Another fun part of the weekend was the annual Regatta extravaganza - again, not into rowing (i am definitely not a sporty girl) but it was fun to see all the sporty types rowing along the Charles at 9am on Sunday. I enjoyed it even more with my daily dose of Diesel soy mochaccino.
And a weekend away isn't complete without a trip to see their vegetarian community. Of all the weekends to go, we happened to be there for the annual Boston Vegetarian Fair. Since i didn't make it to Toronto's this year, i made a point to go. More similar to ours that i would have liked - like of free stuff, promotions of consumer things, but for the most part it was exciting to see the diversity of folks who came. Like this guy:Nothing says vegetarian like a statue of Gandhi, i guess!

And of course, a trip to the States these days isn't complete without buying some books. I got to store them in this cute Trader's Joe bag that i'll use for groceries.
1) Girls of Riyadh
2) Make + Craft magazine special for Halloween
3) Super Natural Cooking
4) The Time Traveller's Wife ($1 at a yard sale!)

As i said, driving home was lovely. I knit for most of it, listened to NPR, ate great hummos and healthy chips (another TJ purchase), and played karoake with J to our favouite albums. Here's a glimpse of what we saw as we passed:

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Blogger Carla said...

Nice trip!

10:20 AM  
Anonymous galxekat said...

I was wondering if the trip was a success!! Diesel has a cool website...we drove by thier sister location the other day - wow!! You'll have to come back to see how spectacular it is!! I'm very sleep deprived after watching so much baseball - a sport i don't even like!!

3:49 PM  

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