Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

I love when kids go back to school because it acts as the beginning of a new year for me as well, if you will. Sort of like a mid-year New Year's Resolution pact to myself. While i don't agree that 'summer's over' necessarily, i do admit that the bulk of my summer plans have to be settled.

I had a full summer of weddings, surf lessons, pool swims, park reads, and the odd good concert or movie. As i'm sure some teachers will be asking kids to write a report of some kind, here is my visual display of what i did this summer:

I celebrated my 1 year in marriage but seven years together with my honey, on Toronto Islands
I practiced my Spanish and got some amazing Mexican Vanilla during a great weeklong holiday and Wedding extravaganza
I learned how to surf
I went to Nova Scotia for a lovely party and drive down the coast of the Atlantic to Maine
(Isn't this a great and crafty sign - made from recycled shells, not a real lobster! credit goes to Mark S!)

I spent a lovely weekend at a cottage, where i made some new friends and had great food

I did some new craft projects

I got some amazing vintage finds - at flea markets, yard sales, my mother's closet...
I bought the best camera i've ever had, and can now take detailed close-ups like:
By the way, if you want to see more lovely shots, where we're testing out both the camera and our photo eye, please be sure to check out my next post when i highlight more photos from my weekend cottage retreat for Labour Day!

And, of course, i got to have some lovely visits with friends, over gelato, patio drinks, park dates, movie nights, dancing parties - what a wonderful way to enjoy the summer!

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