Thursday, August 23, 2007

Summer Knit Sweater - Finally Finished!

I seem to slow down with my knitting projects in the summer, but since i started this project months ago, and it really is meant to be a nice summer sweater, i was determined to finish it. That, and it was a group project with some good friends of mine who also wanted to knit it. We compared notes along the way, but since we all live far from each other, our 'knitalong' project was stalled a little.

I'm proud to say that i finally finished it, after a month of sitting in my knitting basket with just the sleeves and neck to finish. I have to admit that, while i did test the gauge, the sweater turned out bigger than i wanted. It's supposed to be more fitted, but i think because i used a cotton that changes in depth (what's the called anyway, the 'fat worm-like' yarn?), that might have impacted on my overall stitch count.

Nonetheless, i just added a thin ribbon to act as a belt at the bottom and voila, my sweater was worn to work the other day! The lace pattern on the front is lovely, and pretty easy to follow (though not so well when distracted by my favourite summer show, So You Think You Can Dance - yeah for Sabra for winning!!!) and i think i'll incorporate it into a nice scarf for the winter.

The pattern is for sale here, and the site has lots of great patterns to choose from. It was easy to follow and pretty straightforward, so i'll definitely go there for another pattern in the future.

Now that fall is coming up, i already have plans for my upcoming projects. Up next for knit projects: a cable cardigan for my honey, J.

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Blogger krissy said...

nice job! i love the rusted root. i've wanted to try that...thanks for the reminder. when i went to that website i found another one i love. it's called tree jacket. good to know the patterns are well written.

5:21 PM  
Blogger jen said...

it's lovely!

yay sabra! i voted for her like 30 times. i'm so sad that SYTYCD is over until next summer :(

4:04 PM  
Blogger Carla said...

Nice knitting!

p.s. Camera Obscura was great. Sweet melodies. That was actually the first time I've seen them live.

10:53 AM  

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