Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hello 2008!

After a full 2007, i am excited to welcome in the new year. Looking back at the year, i glanced over my 2007 resolutions, and was happy to see that i have accomplished some of them. For instance, i am a proud member of Autoshare and am loving it! I also signed up at my local women's-only gym and feel great every time i go.

This year, i have have thought of my goals, and my number 1 goal is to speak up for myself more. I find that i sometimes forget the advice i give my clients - that we are our best advocates. I won't elaborate here, but i figured that the best way to stick to my goals is to share them with others.

Some other goals:
2) In all things crafy, i am excited to have my own craft room. J and i bought our first house and will be moving in this month. One room with be my designated craft room and i can't wait - i hate the craziness the dining room turns into, and i think i deserve a nice spot to do all things creative.
3) I will bring on a new facelift for this blog - it's time for a change
4) I plan to take on some new crafts like silkscreening and perfect some ones i've already been doing like quilting (need to learn how to bind better)
5) I will give my sewing machine a tune-up and look into how to use my Serger
6) I plan to take better care of my mental health after a hard day at work - while it's being with friends (or chatting with them) more, being crafty, journalling, exercise, etc.
7) I vow to take my vitamins regularly
8) I plan to learn how to garden - now that i have my own place, i am so excited to see if my thumb turns green!
9) I pledge to listen to my partner more, and separate my work from home life.
10) I will eat healthy and use less processed foods so that my pantry will be a good one.



Anonymous Sandra (Blog Chocolate) said...

Happy New Year V!!! I am really excited for you to realize all these amazing resolutions in your new home. Yay you!

8:21 AM  
Blogger torrance said...

Happy New year!

6:19 AM  

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