Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bon Voyage Mom!

As a Mother's Day present for my mom, i thought of a fun idea! Since she only likes handmade gifts from us, i knew i had to make something that also fit with my limited craft time. So, since she's going to London and Paris with my dad, i created a fun passport holder.

Now that they're both 'retired' (but still oh so busy!) they are traveling more, so i know this holder will get some good use. I also know my mom is already pretty organized, so didn't need to make an extravagant wallet or anything. This one fits 2 passports, and has space for some other things like their itinerary and a spot for her notes of the things she wants to see.

I made this from scratch but used Thimble's travel organizer as a basic guide. Instead of an elastic or snap to close, i used left over binding strip from another project to keep the holder closed. I also had an excuse (er, reason) to use a fabric marker that i ordered on-line recently!

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I love it!

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