Saturday, April 03, 2010

A New Journal

I've been writing again in a journal and find it so rewarding. My last journal, which lasted (ahem) for almost 6 years became more of a lists/to-do and menu journal than a therapeutic one. I hope this one will be more writing and less planning.

Since i just finished Buddhism for Mothers, i think i'll be able to devote this thoughtful time for myself. Yes, i 'think' i will, but i truly hope so! This book was so helpful and motivating. I feel like i read it at a perfect time for me, as i am reflecting on the mother i want to be. Being patient, persistent and calm are traits that i feel are so important to mothering, especially as they teach both me and my wee one how to be respectful to each other and ourselves. I whole-heartedly recommend this - even if you don't follow Buddhism nor are into meditation.
When i went to to treat myself to a new journal, i was happy to discover the one i chose was artwork by Lisa Congdon, who i love. I didn't even know it was her work until i got it home and read the back - egads! I just connected with the cover work, which i find important for journal writing.

Another thing i think is crucial for good journalling is a lovely cup of tea. I bought this yummy tea at a local French bakery and it is to die for! I especially love drinking it in my yellow vintage fancy, pinkie finger raised tea cup!



Blogger Julia-Rose said...

That book looks interesting even for non-mothers. I am reading the Art of Happiness and enjoying it thoroughly. I think reading it slowly helps the ideas I'm soaking up from the Dalai Lama's life sit and saturate in my mind (not to mention is much more convenient for my busy schedule!). Thanks for sharing :)

4:58 PM  
Blogger AshleeElizabeth said...

Gorgeous pictures.

10:24 PM  

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