Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

We have been enjoying some lovely books and since it's Earth Day today, i thought it was a perfect time to share them with you. You'll see the connection to today's theme i'm sure. My partner and i are avid budding gardeners, and want to model this to our wee one - of course knowing he's his own dude and all. But with great books like these, i'm sure he'll be inspired!

Here they are for you to learn more:
* In My Nest
* I am a Bunny
* Growing Vegetable Soup
* Planting a Rainbow
* Farmer Duck

As you can see Lil C loves In My Nest. It's an interactive book with finger puppet. What a great idea! It's such a sweet book and C loves to play with the cute blue birdie. I have to say though, my favourite of the bunch is Planting a Rainbow as it features Spring flowers that are in bloom in our own backyard. It makes it real for us as we read together, and i love that it is a tool to help C learn more about our own garden!

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