Thursday, March 11, 2010

Knitting for the Family - Part 3

I love how friends and family have been working at knitting (and crocheting and sewing) for my wee one. Here are just a few examples of the beloved work he's gotten already.

Li'l C loves to play with his fun softies - this awesome crocheted monster doll is a new favourite. I personally love the fawn my sis made him (see it in the background?) and coincidently bought the same pear fabric for some other baby gear i'll be making him soon. Great minds...right?
My mom just finished this 1-button cardigan for him too. It will be perfect for Spring, which incidentally already seems to be here. I love how she picked non-boy colours too! Speaking if which, in response to Becky's comment on a previous post about baby clothes: i can't say i really wanted a girl but i do admit i love baby girl clothing. I just wish boy clothes were just as creative, whimsical, and playful - not just onesies and button down shirts with trucks and stuff! I think my blend of sweet French baby, homemade baby, and vintage baby is working well, and still allows C to look like the boy he is.

Speaking of whimsical, isn't this green vest lovely? And, yes that's cabled owls! My friend Kelly made it for him and i believe she found the pattern off Ravelry. It fits him perfectly already so i hope it lasts for a while yet!

Seeing my boy with the clothes and toys my loved ones have made for him warms my heart like you wouldn't believe. It truly is so precious. Thank you.

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Blogger Julia-Rose said...

I really love that sweater, indeed the colors are lovely. On my to-do list are many crocheting/knitting projects like the little stuffie in the first pic, so sweet!

11:47 PM  

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