Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's Go Swimming

Lil C and i started baby swim classes recently. I thought he'd enjoy it as he loves to play with water and bath-time is a highlight of his day. So far, i have to admit, it's not his favourite outing. But, we have cute swim diapers to wear, so he looks pretty adorable! He does like clinging (ahem) wrapping his arms around me, and loves to chase after the rubber ducky though.

I wanted to find some cute swim diapers, and after being less than impressed with the ones on hand from the usual cloth diapering companies (weird tie dye prints, too gender-specific images), i realized Etsy probably has some sellers who make them. Good idea! I found lots to chose from, but settled on this adorable suit. Rethink Crafts has a great line of fabrics to choose from, the price is right, and the work is great. Plus, they fit really well and luckily we've had no leakage issues! Check out her site to see what else she has!

Maybe by the time June comes around, C will be into the Splash Pad in our local park. We can really get use out of our swim diapers/suit by then.

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Anonymous Katrina said...

ahhh, cute - i can just see him swimming around now! That blog has great fabric colours and patterns, good choice.

1:39 PM  

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