Friday, March 19, 2010

My Sweet Goodness I love Dessert!

I have been lucky enough to do some baking lately and have scored some amazing dessert recipe finds. Even more, each are pretty easy to make and require no baking so the time to enjoy them is even closer at hand! I just love when baking is therapeutic both when making it as well as eating it!

I live for chocolate and have missed good chocolate mousse cake. Miss it no more thanks to Hannah at My Sweet Vegan who has made an amazing Silken Chocolate Mousse Cake. I found a good excuse to make it recently - friends from out of town came for a visit - but really i don't need a reason except i want some. I kept going past the fridge and thinking 'hmmm..there's chocolate mousse in there' and treating myself to a spoonful. I even tricked my mom into trying some and my dad had seconds - both of whom are not vegan eaters! The texture and density was perfect and the flavour was decadent. I can do without the ground almond and cocoa base too as nothing can compete with the mousse part. Wonderful.
I also got to try another recipe of Hannah's as my partner got me VegNews as a gift for the year. At a friend's cottage this week, i made her Orange Creamsicle Semifreddo from the March-April 2010 issue. I got to use a whole Navel orange including the peel and that added a whole other level of flavour! Instead of using vanilla extract, i decided to use a vanilla pod and that added both a nice touch of flavour as well as specks of colour. The dish tasted fresh and summery - a perfect way to bring in Spring. Having raw cashews in there also made me feel like it was a healthy dish, even with all the sugar!

Unfortunately, my mommy brain (good excuse for my lack of memory these days) has inhibited me to remember to take a picture let alone remember where i got the recipe for a tasty Lemon Pie with Almond Meal Crust. The pie tasted just like its non-vegan sister and know if i can only remember where i got the recipe, i can make it at home. In my search, i did find this recipe and link to vegan meringue mix! Wow, what a great find that was! I better find it again as i was planning to make it whenever i wanted lemon squares.

Edited to add: I found the lemon pie recipe! Yea! It's in Everyday Vegan. Thank goodness



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