Monday, June 27, 2011

He Turns Two

I've been busy these last few weeks balancing work, Summer weather, and preparing for Li'l C's birthday party. While he officially turns two tomorrow - egads - here's a look at his birthday party extravaganza. As he loves our local park, we held it there so it was a Picnic in the Park theme.
I made ice cream cone cupcakes (carrot cake) and lady bug (chocolate) cupcakes for the event. I found the simple ice cream recipe in a magazine (sorry no idea which one) but any recipe can be adapted for it. Just pour the batter into the cones. I then made chocolate, vanilla cream cheese, and strawberry icings as the 'cream' and each child (and adult!) helped themselves to making their own cones.

As a new tradition, i made his outfit again this year - Oliver and S's playsuit. I love the bird fabric especially!

As a child growing up with craft time at pretty much all my birthday parties, i wanted to pass on this tradition for C too. Being a toddler, in a park, and a boy, i wanted something that worked for him and his friends. So i brought cardboard, sand, craft glue, and sticks. The older children were totally into this, and C loved the bus i made him.
Here are some of the special candles i got for the party. Fitting i thought. Clem didn't eat his special cake until later.
C finishes the day off with another round of cupcakes. Can you guess what kind? Seconds later after this photo, he had some icing all over his arm too! Good thing he's in the midst of potty training because he was almost naked eating this mess!

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