Sunday, August 21, 2011

C's New Sweater for the Fall (and Spring)

I have been working on this sweater for Lil C for several months now. It's finally done! I got the pattern from Vintage Baby Knits and loved the diamond details in it.

I love the yarn i used (this taupe colour is my favourite colour these days) but i don't know what happened to my size. I swear i tested my gauge, but the sweater is clearly bigger than the 18 - 24 months size i chose. I guess that's a good thing as i just finished it and it's now Fall and C is 26 months!
The biggest part that i had to alter was the neckline. It was a boatneck but looked more like an 'off the shoulder look' on C that i knew it would annoy us both. I found a tutorial for 'elastic casting off' on-line and it really not only completed the look, it saved the sweater!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've never commented on your blog but I love it - and your boy is beautiful. I love his clothes and am constantly amazed by the things you do/make. The sweater turned out great. Lynda

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Katrina said...

I like the subtle detail around the neck - and good job saving the collar too! The colour really brings out his eyes.

11:55 AM  

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