Friday, December 16, 2005

30 Things About Me on December 17

Since i'm turning the big 3-0 today, i wanted to post 30 things about me. In no specific order, here are some things that make me happy, keep me busy, and are guilty pleasures:
1) i love wearing high heels
2) i've been a vegan since i was 21 and Love tofu any way i can get it
3) i've danced ballet since i was 3 and hope to get back in it
4) i hope to get a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy someday soon so i can practice it in my work
5) i'm a chocoholic - dark chocolate mousse is perfection
6) i'm cancelling my cable in January so that i can regain my sanity and knit by the fire more often
7) i got my period at age 9
8) my parents still live in the same house that i was born in (after i was delivered in a hospital that is!)
9) i still have a soft spot for Depeche Mode, though my favourite band now is the Stars; what can i say, i get attached to things easily and i'm loyal
10) i love vintage nightgowns
11) i'm a Feminist (with a capitol F)
12) i don't talk to any of my ex's
13) i learned Russian while in Kazakhstan for a year, but can't speak my first language of Serbian
14) i wish i could afford to wear outfits like Carrie Bradshaw/Sarah Jessica Parker - though i do what i can
15) i hate following patterns when sewing - too much work!
16) i wish i had the guts to get a tattoo (they're so sexy). i'd get a blue butterfly on my lower back
17) i'm a shopaholic - especially for shoes and purses
18) i love indian puris (puffy bread)
19) i like having cut flowers at home - sunflowers especially
20) i want to own my house and fill it with antiques and vintage thrifty finds
21) i'm allergic to cats but have one and he's the love of my life (well after my man that is)
22) i'm a notebook writer so much that i can't leave home without one; i love keeping notes and jotting ideas done (oh, i'm organized too!)
23) my hair is the longest it's ever been and i love it (i feel so feminine) but i have split ends and i hate going to the 'salon'
24) i love jewellry but only wear 2 rings these days. i make necklaces and earrings to match my oufits all the time
25) i get attach to things easily (see above) that i can't be the Buddhist i want to be
26) i love the colour turquoise
27) i hope to live by the ocean - mmmm... heaven
28) in my past life i was a flapper, a geisha, a suffragate, and a ladybug
29) i'm a big fan of the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay and am always looking for her work
30) i love movies and my two favourites are Casablanca and Amelie


Anonymous Tanya said...

I have learned so much about you since I have become completely addicted to blogs (yours and your friends') You are a beautiful person inside and out, a woman for us women to admire.

2:36 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

Happy Birthday! My 30's are so far turing out to be my best decade so far so I hope yours do too!

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Laural said...

Good list, I learned some new things about you! Happy Birthday, it's going to be a great one!

8:43 AM  
Blogger michelleknits said...

Happy Birthday, Vania! You know, I've been vegan since I was 21 and I will turn 30 this year (April), too! So much in common (and I can't speak Serbian, either, though that might have something to do with not being Serbian!)

11:00 AM  
Blogger krissy said...

happy 30th, vania!! hope it's a wonderful day for you! i absolutely loved your list. lots of interesting & random tidbits about yourself. there were more than a few where i said, "hee, me too!" in my head while i read it. by the way (off topic), i'm soooo sad i missed seeing you at ooak a few weeks ago. i did keep my eyes open for you. did you chat with my mom? (anyhow, maybe i'll see you there at the spring show!)

12:30 AM  
Blogger jen said...

happy birthday! i agree with anna that the 30's are my best decade so far -- you'll love being 30!

i enjoyed your list a lot, thanks for posting it.

9:47 AM  
Blogger red jane said...

I've just found you through wandering coyote/knitting sites and am always chuffed to read other like minded, 30 something vegan T.O. gals' stuff. I'll keep tuning in!

11:34 PM  

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