Thursday, November 10, 2005

White Poppies

Tomorrow marks November 11, which as most of us knows, is Veterans Remembrance Day. I choose to wear a white poppy to commemorate all the 'innocent' victims of war. By this i mean women and children and other civilians who were caught in the violence. Did you know that 80% of casualities in these areas are women and children, and the violence women face in war-torn areas are very gender-based and gruesome? That's why the month of November is so important to me - it is geared to raise awareness about woman abuse. There is a 16 Days against Gender Violence campaign that runs from November 25 to December 10th. November 25th is the International Day against Gender (woman) Violence,the 26th is to raise awarenes of woman abuse (partnered relationships), December 1st is the International Day to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, the 6th is the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre, and December 10th is Human Rights Day. Why don't we all see what steps, small things even, we can do to stop all forms of violence against women - whether it is rape, domestic abuse, sexual harassment, rape as a tactic of war torture, female infanticide, or condoning the glass ceiling. Excuse my rant, but i guess my PMS this month is taking the identity of an activist! I work at a helpline for abused women, amoung other things, but i also always do something to acknowledge December 6, like attend a candlelight vigil in my city. I also volunteer with WILPF (women's international league for peace and fredom) which is the older's women's peace group in the world. Check it out (we work on the White Poppy campaing here in Toronto). This is the work i do, but why don't you share with me what you will do to stop violance against women?

On to another note, to make some of my post on a more lighter note, i wanted to share some great books i got in the mail recently. I ordered some banana silk yarn from Yarn Traders in New Zealand, and to go with this, my partner bought me Alterknits and Second Time Cool: The Art of Chopping up a Sweater. Can't wait to make a screen window for the kitchen! Or a pair of awesome slippers made from recycled sweaters!


Anonymous krista said...

Where would you find a white poppy? I'd like one for next rememberance day.

8:24 AM  
Blogger monika said...

You should not feel the need to apologise for something that you believe in and feel so stongly about. Its vital for everyone in our world to be aware of these issues. Well just something I needed to say. Have you been to Axis of ? I dig reading your blog its very funky!

8:05 AM  

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