Friday, November 10, 2006

Fun Mail and Presents

Who doesn't like getting mail? Besides the regular correspondence of bills, that is! Well, i had a mini-swap with Hannah who sent me this gorgeous crocheted cuff for an apron i made her. And, i won these cool knitting needles holders from Stephanie. I love the idea - they're to protect the needles you're currently using from poking through your bag. And that's happened to me, so i'm so glad i won them! They're especially good because i'm working on my first pair of socks with dpn and the holder helps secure my work! And the fabric is darling. Thanks Stephanie!

Also, i got some mail from Krissy, who's selling her great jewellry at the One of the Kind Show come November 23-Dec 3. She sent me a ticket and coupon so i can definitely go. How sweet! I'm so excited to go to the show and support her.

And, of all surprises, J came back from Ottawa with a present for me. Now, it may not happen rarely per say, but it was a wonderful surprise and very sweet. He bought me Sew Subversive, a book that's on my wish list. He browsed through it at the bookstore and wasn't sure if it was suitable for me. It is really good for beginners in sewing, but while i'm self-taught (for the most part), some of it will come in handy. And, there are some great patterns about restructuring old clothing into cool new ideas. So, i'm all for it!


Blogger S said...

You're welcome! I was wondering what color to send, I'm glad it worked out.
I can't wait to see those socks.

11:21 PM  
Blogger sunshine scribe said...

So fabulous. Good work J and yay for wonderful mail!

3:31 PM  

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