Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Gross-Out Party Food

As tomorrow marks Halloween (and incidently my favourite holiday, though i assume i share that with you each year), i thought it would be fun to share the menu of a recent party i hosted on the weekend. Yes, it was a costumed Halloween party complete with a selection of the horror film classsics, but we also wanted to do something more fun. As my group of friends and i love to cook, and we're discovering we're getting so good and creative with cooking, i thought it would be fun to host a gross food potluck. As a child, i loved the scary displays houses had for trick or treating, and especially the food-related activities like spaghetti-sauced brains, grape eyes, and jello shaped hearts. Morbid, i know, but oh so fun! So, to make this adult-friendly and a bit more challenging, i opened up the contest to be both gross looking AND yummy tasting. Of course, nothing helps the medicine go down better than our Bloody Mary Punch - a nice and spicy concoction.

Here's what we came up with:Scrambled Brains Cupcakes (vegan pumpkin chocolate chip recipe from VCTOTW).Bloody Lady Fingers (baked tofu sticks with radishes as garnish, and simple pasta sauce)
And the prize of grossest food goes to: poo dip (black bean dip). Below are Puss-filled Pimples, Eyeball Cupcakes and the aforementioned dip:
Bloodied Chocolate Cake (syringes are full of a raspberry sauce)
Wormy BrowniesPhyllo Ghosts (vegan version had roasted curry veggies, and the non-vegan had feta in it with veggies.) In the background are Squirrel Brains (pumpkin gnocchi) - is it bad to have enjoyed these animal/meat-inspired dishes?

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Blogger krissy said...

i'm such a wuss...i totally wouldn't have been able to eat any of that food...even the wormy cake. ugh. it grosses me out to even type the words "wormy cake". blech. i guess i have a weak stomach and am easily grossed out. heh heh glad you had a fun party though!!

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Heather Gothberg said...

I LOVE Halloween too. It's nice to find some fun recipes. Thanks. My Kaiah and Penelope love these ideas for our annual Havest/Halloween fest.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Angel said...

great ideas you have given me plenty of inspiration for this years halloween, what was the puss filled eye balls?

6:03 AM  
Blogger vania said...

Angel, thanks for your comment. The puss-filled eyeballs were cupcakes, and that was frosting!

8:18 AM  

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