Monday, February 04, 2008

Things to do with Aprons

As a collector of aprons, i finally found some good use for them, besides the usual wearing of them as i cook. Here are some ways i've found to incorporate my lovely aprons into everyday use.

Since i now own a house with multiple floors, i got inspired to hang up some aprons on the stair railings. I think i might try rotating them based on upcoming holidays (this set is for Valentine's Day) as well as season. I think they'll also bring some colour and quaintness to our hallway.
Another great use is to turn aprons into window coverings - especially for windows that are narrow enough. I used two vintage aprons as curtains in my craft room, and this lovely yellow one has a practical use - it holds up to 4 rolls of toilet paper in my tiny main bath!

Any of you have some great ways to display your aprons?

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Anonymous galxekat said...

I use mine in the kitchen to hold those nasty plastic bags and other kitchen things... i like the curtain idea!

11:48 AM  

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