Saturday, March 08, 2008

Thank Goodness for March!

As i sit/lay here in bed this fine Saturday morning, i can't help but hope for Spring. Today marks our second Winter Snow Storm of the week, and possibly the 15th of the year already. Instead of getting defeated with all the snow, i've realized that the month of March in fact marks some key dates. For instance:

1) The whole month of March is (National) Craft Month - though i'm not American, as this holiday is, i love having a month like this and plan to do some new craft things just to honour it!

2) One of my favourite holidays is International Women's Day - March 8. So, happy Women's Day to you all and please take some time to celebrate today - buy yourself flowers, get a pedi, go out for a fancy drink, or participate of one of many local events!

3) March 20 also brings in Spring, officially. My oh my, am i ready! I can't wait until i can start gardening, wearing regular clothes and shoes, not get soakers, and see the colour green outside!



Anonymous Galxekat said...

I wanted to buy myself flowers, but when it came time to pay, Khris treated me! They were a beautiful mix of orange roses, fushia gerberas and some big white flowers. Now that i know it's craft month, it inspires me to work on my chunky sweater vest - on size 19 needles!

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's National Potato Chip day today (March 14th)- woo-hoo - another reason to celebrate March!!

12:16 PM  

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