Sunday, April 13, 2008

April Showers....

I've been busy with personal and work stuff outside of my craft blog, and i just noticed it's been weeks since i've posted here. So, i had to get my butt and creative juices in gear, in order to write a new post. I primarily use this blog as a form of 'self-care' and i had to remind myself that i actually really needed self-care over these last few weeks. So, here i am.

Well, now that Spring is officially upon us, i am excitedly learning how to garden. I have a LONG way to go, but am happy about the idea of getting my hands dirty, getting dirt under my nails, digging up worms, smelling the cool Toronto spring air, and reaping in the benefits of my garden. Alright, it may be a year from now when i reap in any of them, but i am really looking forward to planting a herb and veggie garden, and having my favourite flowers in my own background. Now, i am the first to admit that i don't know the first thing about GROWing them, but i plan and vow to learn.

My dream garden would include:
* Peonies * Heritage Tomatoes
* Daffodils * Herbs - basil, thyme, mint, rosemary
* Tulips * Lettuce
* Lily of the Valleys under the tree * Cucumbers
* Sunflowers * Raspberry bush
* Lilac Tree * Carrots
With great books like these, i think i'm on a good start. You Grow Girl is written by a local gardener and writer, so i hope it will be the help i need. I love the way it's organized - with sections like Plan, Plant, Grow, Bounty, and Chill. There's also a great website to turn to for added help. The other great book we got as a housewarming gift is A Year on the Garden Path: A 52-Week Organic Gardening Guide. Written for a BC audience, we'll have to adapt it somehow for our Toronto weather. But, it's very educational and has good info on composting, and featuring various plants.

Now, i'll have to get busy with the actual garden work. I've read about it for a few weeks now, we've raked out the dried leaves and garbage, i've cleaned out the greenhouse (yes, it came with the house!). I'm ready.

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