Monday, June 09, 2008

All Dressed in White

No, i'm not getting married (already did that), but i couldn't help pick that title - so i can share some of the new white things in my life!
First up, here is a pillow i stitched together. It's made up of square donations from my knitting group at a local eating disorder support centre. I've been facilitating a group there for a while, and just love how knitting has helped bring out people, and help them find their creative selves, all by doing something so therapeutic! I took it home so i could finish it - it's it sweet?
And, tonight, when i was out front for a bit of a breeze (it's about 40 degrees here, don't you know?! Celcius), i realized my rose bush was flowering. I inherited it and had no idea what roses i would get. And the best surprise of all was revealed - my favourite roses - white!

Oh, and just for you to know, i will be away from Blogland for the next couple of weeks - i'm off to the West Coast (it needs capitolizing doesn't it?!). I can't wait to visit friends and see Vancouver, Portland, and Seattle! I'll share all, especially the vegan strip mall in Portland, when i'm back!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That pillow is absolutely adorable! And I'm totally jealous about your trip to the vegan strip mall! Get a cupcake from Sweat Pea for me!

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the pillow! It sounds like you are really settling in as a homeowner. That's great!

11:31 AM  

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